Jabber Deskphone Control for 6900, 8900, 9900 and DX650 Phones

I have recently begun deploying both the 9900 series phones and the fancy DX650 to some in our environment. Many use Jabber desk phone control as their primary means of dialing and answering their phone. With the new model phones I set up the usual permissions but found the CTI control through Jabber was failing.

After doing some forum fishing I found that for Jabber Deskphone control to work on the 8900’s, the 9900’s and the DX650 the end user must be put in the “Standard CTI Allow Control of Phones supporting Connected Xfer and Conf” group in addition to the Standard CTI Enable group.

For 6900 series phones the end user must be placed in the “Standard CTI Allow Control of Phones Supporting Rollover Mode” group